The Doomguard!

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Well, with a little guild help, I managed to finish the Doomguard quest tonight. As ever I’m a total noob. I didn’t even know the Doomguard existed until I was trolling through some websites while in the 60’s. Obviously I knew about the Doomguard on the Curse of Doom, but I never knew that warlocks were able to summon a Doomguard! Typical day in my noob life. A small pic of the Doomguard

I picked up the first two quests of the 3 quest chain to summon the Doomguard from Daio the Decrepit in the Blasted Lands. I read that he is surrounded by level 61 guards and I didn’t even bother to look at any of other peoples comments on Thottbot because well I was level 67 at the time and they were a bunch of levels lower, I could handle them right? Wrong! Oh so wrong! I died 5 times, 2 getting to the quest giver and 3 getting back out. On the way back out it was all about pride, how dare these level 61 (okay elites) cut me down as if they were level 71 elites? Well apparantly these guys used be the hardest guys in the game before Burning Crusade (BC) and I guess they were there to make it hard for little noob warlocks like myself to get the Doomguard goodness.

Quest 1: The Prison’s Bindings:

The first Quest The Prison’s Bindings requires a trip to Dire Maul. So if (and for the love of god I hope you are) smarter than me then do this at the same time as you do your Dreadsteed Quest – the final part of the Dreadsteed Quest that requires you to go to Dire Maul. The Prison’s Bindings is done in the East Wing, the same area that you go to to kill the imp Pusillin to get the Crescent Key to open the rest of the Dungeon to do your Dreadsteed quest – so it’s all on the way, unless you have a guildie friend with the key in which case you will be doing an area you wouldn’t have had to do otherwise.

If you are like me and you did your Dreadsteed Quest about 10 levels earlier, then I was reading on Thottbot that you can solo this area with a lot of hard work. It doesn’t require a key to get into the area and when you get in there talk to the imp again like you did with the Dreadsteed quest to get the key from him. When he runs away, follow him like you did last time and he will lead you to the Satyrs that you need to kill to get the drops.

I did the quest with myself at 70 Aff Lock, a 70 Hunter with nice gear, a 70 pally with okay-ish gear and a 63 Lock who needed to get this and the Dreadsteed too. We helped him get the Dreadsteed too. It was pretty easy with the four of us.

Quest 2: The Prison’s Casing

The other part of the quest requires you to go to Darkwhisper Gorge in Winterspring and kill everything for some drops of Tears or something like that. I tried to solo these but found it tough as an Aff Lock because it takes a few minutes to kill one with various fearing and kiting etc and the drops are a fairly low percentage drop. It took the 70 prot pally and I about 45 minutes to an hour to get 5 tears! This is also allowing for the time we stopped near an NPC who had nothing to say and investigated a locked instance in that area, which I imagine might be opened up in WotLK. The Doomguard in Action

Returning the Quest and Picking up the Third

This was an adventure. After previous experience I got as many mates as possible together to accompany me in there (to hold my Undead Hand on the way to the nice Decrepit fellow). We had a 70 prot pally, 70 Hunter, 68 Druid (he was scouting and healing for us) and myself. We thought we’d try to sneak in. The party all bar the hunter with that darn Feign of Death move, wiped in the first 20 seconds. Felhunter looking dudes with Mana Burn – not nice, really not nice! On the second try we managed to sneak through without aggro and I picked up the third quest.

Quest 3: Suppression

This quest is all about turning a warlock into a Hunter! I have a Hunter alt so I know! You are given a gem in order to bind a Doomguard Commander into it. A gem that by the way looks like any other Soul Shard, in case you think you lost it. First we took on Mobs one at a time to get to the Doomguard. We managed to find one without any adds around and then we started. My part of the quest was required to click on the Doomguard and the gem straight after and keep holding there while pink light comes out of my fingers. The Doomguard has a nasty Hoof Stomp which cancels the spell so the plan was to have the Pally out in front tanking, the hunter out with a trap and the tree healing me and everyone until the quest was complete … simple plan right … er not quite.

The first time didn’t work quite right. We froze the Commander in a Hunter Frozen trap and then I went to work with the gem. After the gem finished it’s first channeled run the Commander then just disappeared – it was really strange. My quest wasn’t completed so then we attempted to pull another Commander nearby but he came with adds. The Pally tanked the Adds, I cast my gem on the commander and kept pressing it so that it wouldn’t run out (this seems to be the key) and the Druid Tree healed me and the Hunter did a shiteload of DPS somewhere – on the adds maybe, I kind of lost track in my fervor to complete the quest. The Doomguard Commander then complained about imprisonment and shrank into a tiny gem that I had to pick up off the ground.

So easy as that quest Done, Pally train back to the Quest giver and Hearth the heck out never to be seen again.

I now have the spell Ritual of Doom (which requires some reagents before casting like the inferno) and I have yet to wield my awesome power. Bwah ha ha ha ha

Maybe one day I will be able to add a video of my first summoning. But until then here’s a great video of the carnage that the Doomguard can bring … erm to the party that summons it!??!

And here is another video I found. Short, to the point, carnage and an interesting soundtrack.


About Me

•24 May, 2008 • 1 Comment

I am a Noob Undead Warlock. There I said it, it’s out there in the open, for everyone to read. If your reading this blog hopefully you’re a Noob Warlock just like me, or possibly even Noobier than myself, but I doubt that’s possible.

If you are a long time player who is looking for insights into the glorious Warlock class about raiding, PvE or PVP tactics then this is NOT the website for you, unless you can read this website and remember your own Noob days and have a bit of laugh at me and yourself! Or if you need a bit of comic relief after a hard day’s Raid, Rep Grinding or whatever, then MAYBE this might be a site that might interest you.

I’m a very new level 70 Affliction specced Undead Warlock 44/13/0 and all names and realm details have been changed or not so carefully omitted to protect the innocent, mainly my noobie self!

About the Player

I started playing World of Warcraft one day because simply I woke up and found I’d lost my boyfriend (yes that’s right, I’m a girl) and my best mate to this bizarre game world and so had to check it out! I have a very short attention span and until now no game has kept me entertained for longer than maybe a month.

My bizarre courtship with this game began about 3 years ago and I started out as a very casual player, playing once a week if that, of course we only had one computer back then and we had to share.

Of course some months later we got the second computer and I was introduced to the wonderful world of questing with my boyfriend and best friend. This was great as they knew what to do and where to go and I just followed them around the Undead lands with my warlock for the first ten levels or so, while they created alts to run around with me. Not being in anyway addicted at this stage I didn’t play for months or maybe even a year or so, okay maybe I played every now and then.

Then I got a different job and had more time on my hands and suddenly the World of Warcraft opened up to me in new ways and I began to understand (with constant questioning of my patient other half) what things like “LFM” and “want to run SM graveyard” meant on the chat channel.

As my addiction grew, I decided to do crazy things that a casual player would never do like research my character class on the internet. At around level 50 I discovered brilliant things called Macros! At well only two levels ago I discovered Add-ons (something my boyfriend was staunchly against because the game might not work right after downloading them!) and even today I am learning about something called tactics of my class *shock horror* If this doesn’t prove my absolute noobiness I don’t know what does!!

This is my lighthearted look at myself, my playing style, my class and many other facets of the game; World of Warcraft. For anyone noobier than me you might find some hints and tips in here if you look hard enough.

The writer will not be held accountable for any loss or damage that might occur as a result of following any said “Hints or Tips”. All facts should be fact checked with legitimate sources before using the information from this website!


Noob Warlock! (terroising a server near you!)

p.s. I realise that before making this blog I should have perhaps had a look to see what other warlock stuff was out there – If i’ve stolen your idea, I apologise but really a Noob Warlock would never research anything before plowing ahead – oh no!

Paralyzed with Indecision

•14 May, 2008 • 5 Comments

I have been at level 70 for a grand total of 3 days (my /played is at 12 hours and 13 minutes) and I should be ecstatic, jumping for joy, or (god forbid) jumping on trade chat with a classic “Ding 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (For anyone who hasn’t read my about me page, it has taken me 3 years of real time to get here, some kind of celebration should ensue) Instead I am paralyzed with indecision; what to do next? There are a plethora of options for me to pursue but which one first? I probably need some kind of plan, but I’m a Noob Warlock. First, I don’t do plans. Second, if I did do some kind of plan, I would never follow it anyway. That said, the following diatribe is me considering my options.

Clean out my bank, and my Alt bank character’s bank

Mmmm … a compelling argument you put forth. Nothing gets the head together like a good spring clean. But wait, you mean I’ve spent all this time to get here and now I’m going to clean! Boring!! If I wanted to clean I have a whole house in real life to get to work on … yeah maybe later …. maybe NEVER!!!

Farm for money for my Epic Flying Mount!

Making money is one of my favorite pass times in WoW (think Daffy Duck). Daffy with his horde of gold! When I find a circuit that I can farm, I tend to just switch into some kind of Zen zone (akin to when I used to play Tetris last week as a child) and before I know it I have what I need. But again, I’ve made it this far and now all I’m going to do is go out and farm … erm again, maybe later.

Farm Primals to make my Frozen Shadowweave set and up my tailoring

While the gear looks cool, the task just feels arduous. I mainly need Water, Mana and Fire Primals … *sigh* that is really all I can say on this one. But, only 15 more points until I’ve maxed out my skill, but see farming above for my opinion on that score.

Grind Rep with various factions for cool PvE gear

Where would I begin? It seems like there are so many factions, and of course I’m mostly friendly with all of them! This requires more research, but I just made it to 70 I don’t want to spend all my time on the net, I want to play, I want to lord my level 70ness over lower level people to make them feel jealous (or make them go back to playing their level 70 alt character)

Grind Honor in Battlegrounds for PvP gear goodness

PvP, now you’re talking! This could be a great place to start and feel the joys of 70ness over anyone who hasn’t got more epics or fantastic PvP gear than me … let me check how much PvP or Epic gear I have, well … oh wait, none! But still the only way to get the PvP gear is to save up honor by fighting in BG’s … *sigh* I hate starting at the bottom.

Grind Arena points for other PvP goodness

OOOOhhh … the sanctity of the Arena. I think this option looks all the better just because it’s totally new to me. Ah it seems so glorious, PvP in a controlled environment, limited combatants in any one sitting oh yeah and tons of my Aff lock DoTing goodies wreaking havoc on everyone … that is until that shiny shiny warrior resists everything and has me taking a dirt nap in under 10 seconds, but perhaps these warlock tactics will help?

In terms of the gear available for Warlocks, I found some great info on WowWiki, for affliction locks (+damage only); Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4 and for other locks (+ damage and +spell crit) Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4. (Season 4 hasn’t started yet but I guess is due to start soon)

Also, for anyone looking for info on how the Arena’s work I was reading up on the Official Website for the mechanics and some extra info on WowWiki.

Grind Netherwing Rep for funky looking Dragon Epic Mount

A dragon mount! (Actually called a Netherdrake) What more is there to say! Inserting funky picture so that you know what I’m talking about as I am sure that I haven’t used its proper name! Can\'t you just feel the Netherdrake-y Goodness? Of course, the old rep grind issue rears its ugly head (see my issues under Rep Grinding for PvE gear above) … but still this is a must on my list and has to be done. I have picked up the initial quest from Mordenai in Shadowmoon Valley to get the ball rolling, but the quest is all about feeding some Netherdrakes or some such … *sigh* the laziness is holding me back.

Start the chain of PvE Raiding for fun and Raid Gear Goodness

Okay, I have a confession to make, the first of many on this blog I suspect. I have a fear of PUGs (pick up groups). This isn’t due to any majorly bad experience on my part so far and that’s what makes me think … am I the problem? It is my greatest fear to be that person (you know who I mean) in the group that everyone is mumbling about because he/she/they perhaps drew too much aggro or heaven forbid caused a party wipe. I’m a noob warlock, I know I’m a noob and that’s why I have fear and anxiety when it comes to pick up groups.

I try very diligently to turn off the torment on my Voidwalker (I’m an Aff Lock – I don’t have the funky Felguard) when in dungeons but of course there is always the time you forget and the tank gets pissed. I have also downloaded Omen threat meter to make sure I don’t draw too much aggro (like I did that one time and everyone died except the tank who just looked at me dealing with a pissed off summoned demon in the Pools of Aggonar with a look of “What the ..” and “I’ll be damned if I’m going over there to save her stupid arse!” he really just stood there and watched me die – 10 minutes later I downloaded Omen).

I really want to see the content, but first I should do some research into the pyramid of which dungeons to do first, before others and what gear I will need etc Hopefully someone has this on the net somewhere in relation to warlocks.

Go to South Shore (the alliance town that neighbours Tarren Mill) and reap revenge for all the times I was killed while trying to level in the early 20’s

This option looks all too tempting! Of course it probably won’t be long before a horde (bad pun intended) of level 70 Alliance players come bounding down to my location and reign hell on me and my “seriously unsuitably armoured for PvP” butt, but it could be fun and an interesting experiment. (Could also be a bit humiliating until I have some serious PvP gear) Perhaps a Doomguard could help with this little situation?

Finish the Doomguard Quest

Ah the Doomguard! I’m going to write a separate post on my experience with this quest chain once I con some guildies into helping me do the last part.

But until then here’s a video of Doomguard Goodness below:

Still no idea

That’s a list of the options that I can see at this point. I was hoping that at the end of this I would have an idea of what to do next but unfortunately not. Argh!!!

Perhaps I’ll just bite the bullet and start a blog … wait a minute I’ve already done that!!

Anyway, if anyone has any super ideas, please feel free to comment. I am probably going to expand on my experiences with any or all of these issues in future posts.

p.s. I forgot to mention I’m an Aussie by birth so there is a mixture of British and American spelling (armour= armor; honour = honor etc, and when the tank gets pissed it means he’s angry) live with it!