I am currently suffering and Add-on addiction where I nearly download a new one every day … of course this sucks up the memory and performance of my computer so it has to slow down … Ah balancing act.

I am going to write up my experiences with these at a later date, especially the warlock ones.

So far I’ve downloaded all of these from, just search for the name you see here – or browse any section you like. (Does that get me out of having to link every single one? I hope so. If you can’t find anything then just drop me a comment below)

At the moment I use:

Warlock Only Add-Ons

  • LyLock (times your soulstone, gives reminders for armor, times banish and has a soulstone counter)
  • DoT Timer (this is also good for other classes – but essential for the affliction warlock – it allows you to see DoTs on multiple targets and when they are going to run out, you can also program reminders when things run out too)

General Add-Ons

  • Omen Threat Meter (measuring threat while in a party – fantastic for warlocks)
  • Riff Co-Ords (puts coords on the bottom of the map screen)
  • Bartender 3 (wow – this is great for anyone – allows you to have 10 action bars on the screen, you can resize them and put them anywhere you like too, also has an auto scrolling function so you can change the main action bar just by pushing the shift, Ctrl or Alt keys)
  • Auctioneer (you heart beats faster at the idea of lots of gold then this is for you! This one will require another post though, has great functionality but uses up quite a bit of memory and Saved Variables File)
  • PerformanceFu (measures my latency etc – I lost the usual one when I installed Bartender 3 – but this is great and is a little circle on my portrait)
  • Deadly Boss Mods (so far I only utilise the battleground timers – but really that in itself is fantastic)
  • Armory (essential for the alt-a-holic or just great to be able to see your main character from your level 1 bank alt – allows you to see all the info of other characters, professions, skills, spells, what they are wearing WITHOUT the whole log out and back in dilemma – of course it can use a bit of memory at times)
  • Questhelper (this is awesome if you are like me and manage to still get lost even with co-ords – hey I’m a girl what can I say! puts funky little boxes and rollovers on both the main map and the mini map. There is color coding to tell you if something is done and ready to hand in etc too – means not having to Alt-Tab all the time to check out Thottbot or the others … this might need another post)

Gosh – I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

Add-ons I am eyeing off for the future

  • Gatherer
  • Fubar 3.0

Here’s a pic of my UI – for anyone that may be interested. Sometimes I find these a huge tease because I have no idea which mod created which cool function I can see on someone’s UI … but here you go anyway.

This is not an all-encompassing list by any means but if anyone has any that they think are fantastic and would like to tell me about, just drop a comment below.


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