About Me

I am a Noob Undead Warlock. There I said it, it’s out there in the open, for everyone to read. If your reading this blog hopefully you’re a Noob Warlock just like me, or possibly even Noobier than myself, but I doubt that’s possible.

If you are a long time player who is looking for insights into the glorious Warlock class about raiding, PvE or PVP tactics then this is NOT the website for you, unless you can read this website and remember your own Noob days and have a bit of laugh at me and yourself! Or if you need a bit of comic relief after a hard day’s Raid, Rep Grinding or whatever, then MAYBE this might be a site that might interest you.

I’m a very new level 70 Affliction specced Undead Warlock 44/13/0 and all names and realm details have been changed or not so carefully omitted to protect the innocent, mainly my noobie self!

About the Player

I started playing World of Warcraft one day because simply I woke up and found I’d lost my boyfriend (yes that’s right, I’m a girl) and my best mate to this bizarre game world and so had to check it out! I have a very short attention span and until now no game has kept me entertained for longer than maybe a month.

My bizarre courtship with this game began about 3 years ago and I started out as a very casual player, playing once a week if that, of course we only had one computer back then and we had to share.

Of course some months later we got the second computer and I was introduced to the wonderful world of questing with my boyfriend and best friend. This was great as they knew what to do and where to go and I just followed them around the Undead lands with my warlock for the first ten levels or so, while they created alts to run around with me. Not being in anyway addicted at this stage I didn’t play for months or maybe even a year or so, okay maybe I played every now and then.

Then I got a different job and had more time on my hands and suddenly the World of Warcraft opened up to me in new ways and I began to understand (with constant questioning of my patient other half) what things like “LFM” and “want to run SM graveyard” meant on the chat channel.

As my addiction grew, I decided to do crazy things that a casual player would never do like research my character class on the internet. At around level 50 I discovered brilliant things called Macros! At well only two levels ago I discovered Add-ons (something my boyfriend was staunchly against because the game might not work right after downloading them!) and even today I am learning about something called tactics of my class *shock horror* If this doesn’t prove my absolute noobiness I don’t know what does!!

This is my lighthearted look at myself, my playing style, my class and many other facets of the game; World of Warcraft. For anyone noobier than me you might find some hints and tips in here if you look hard enough.

The writer will not be held accountable for any loss or damage that might occur as a result of following any said “Hints or Tips”. All facts should be fact checked with legitimate sources before using the information from this website!


Noob Warlock! (terroising a server near you!)

p.s. I realise that before making this blog I should have perhaps had a look to see what other warlock stuff was out there – If i’ve stolen your idea, I apologise but really a Noob Warlock would never research anything before plowing ahead – oh no!


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