New Add-on: Riding Crop Switching Automatically

No doubt as the Noob Warlock, I’m sure that everyone else knows about this add-on but just in case, I wanted to let anyone who might come across it that it has been (in the few hours that I used it for so far) really useful.

The Add-on is called: QuickMountEquip.

I downloaded it from Curse in the WoW Add-ons section. Here’s a little pic:


This add-on allows me to choose what items to equip when a mount is summoned and what to switch back to when the mount is dismissed. Unlike other similar add-ons, if a mount is accidentally dismissed (you walk indoors without dismounting first) the add-on still automatically switches the items without you having to remember. The only exception is when you are dismounted by entering combat, because WoW won’t allow you to switch items other than swords and shields at that time. However, as soon as the battle is over the add-on will automatically switch the items ready for the next encounter.

The User Interface of the add-on is all graphics where you can drag and drop your items into the relevant boxes. Very easy to use and doesn’t take up much memory that I can see.

So far I have found this excellent for switching between my Riding Crop and my damage trinkets, especially as I have a terrible memory for remembering to switch them manually.


~ by silvergirl2010 on 22 July, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Add-on: Riding Crop Switching Automatically”

  1. Much better name than “mount-me!” which be my addon :p

  2. Well as you know I couldn’t get Mount Me to work. In my list of add-ons it just had next to it “Incompatible” but hey I’m happier with the add-on that ended up working anyway.

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