Warlocks and the Arenas

If you have read my post regarding my failing PvP tactics you will know that I haven’t been having much luck in Arenas so far, although I absolutely love the concept.

I wanted to post some links to some people that came across with some interesting stuff re: Arenas and Warlocks that might come in handy for any serious Arena-ing people out there.

Here’s something from Spooncraft which is actually a quote from a CM in Europe re: Warlocks and Arena teams. It recommends some good partnering with warlocks in the different arenas.

Here’s something I ran across talking about whether the Druid/Warrior team up is Over Powered. This link also has a nice bar chart about the numbers of different classes playing in various arenas … looks like I should be looking for a 5v5 team (but I only have 3 other friends Woe! jokes!)

Here’s some stuff I ran across in the Forums (written by Jayna <Bloodlust> Frostwolf), while trying to find another post to link to. It’s really long and I haven’t read all of it yet, but I thought that it might be useful for anyone out there who is looking for some serious info about Arenas and Warlocks. (Part 1 and 2 are at the previous link but here is part III of his stuff. He obviously has a lot to say, I wonder if he has a blog?)

I haven’t done any real research, I only put this stuff up because I ran across it and it seemed a little obscure, but possibly helpful.

If anyone out there has anything they want to add, please feel free.


~ by silvergirl2010 on 3 June, 2008.

One Response to “Warlocks and the Arenas”

  1. found a great arena guide (really good) – its episodes 34 (& 33) of WoWcast – wowcast.net/

    be a good listen for a starting team ^_^

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