I still suck at PvP

For those of you that think this might be a link to yet another video of PvP (as per my last I suck at PvP post) this is actually the real story of me well, sucking at PvP!

While I was leveling I could never really get into PvP, after dying a few times in battlegrounds, I would simply go back to my PvE thing and just keep leveling some more. Of course at level 70 there are so many more options in PvP (I guess there always were plenty but I was too lazy to invest more time into getting better) and PvE without the net of experience doesn’t have the same lustre it once had for me. Overall, I feel that as a warlock there are so many options and if I just keep trying I will eventually have the right solution for each situation I am in, so as not to die quite so often.

So far, in both battlegrounds and Arena that hasn’t been true, I just keep dying and dying and dying. I think that by writing this post and looking at probably the top ten things I am doing wrong maybe I will get better. Or maybe at 28 years of age, I am simply too old to react fast enough in PvP (compared to the 12 year olds on the alliance side) and maybe I should start into serious raiding.

Here’s my top ten list of things I’m doing wrong in PvP:

  1. Not thinking strategically in battle (I tend to run around spamming my macroed DoT button while interspersing with the tab key to change targets), while this can work for a little while I usually end up dead so I need to branch out in terms of strategy
  2. Not keeping range I tend to get fed up with how long it takes for my DoTs to work sometimes and also the frustration of going up against smarter spellcasters than myself, so instead of backing off and trying a new tactic I get annoyed and just run at the person I am trying to kill, I really don’t know why I do this, I have just noticed in the last couple of days that I do, actually do this and it is STUPID!.
  3. Not watching my health bar in combat Often when I die, I usually know that I have been taking damage for a while but I just can’t seem to get away and when I die it is usually a surprise to me – I think because in PvE I never had to watch my health bar that closely I am out of touch with that. I have since downloaded Perl Classic Unit Frames so that I have a full health and mana bar underneath my character at all times – hopefully this will help.
  4. Attempting to Drain Life in the middle of a battleground Yes, I know this is just plain stupid, nothing like printing a target on your butt like having a huge stream of greeen light connect your enemy to your position, but for some reason I see my health bar getting low and I think – maybe just this once I can get away with stealing a little of someone elses health bar. I was reading on the Warlock Forums a post by another Aff Lock who said that while Drain Life does announce your presence to everyone, half casting drain life can get you instant damage and a little healing while a half casted shadow bolt gets you nothing (sorry I can’t find the link now – I must remember to bookmark as soon as I see these things!) … they key would be to perhaps keep a vigilant eye and run at the first sign of trouble (this I am not good at)
  5. Not using my healthstone when I hit about 50% health If you notice this actually follows with my inability to watch my health bar and my reliance on Drain Life (which carries over from my PvE tactics) so in order to prevent this I have now keybound my created healthstone and I am in the habit of casting my healthstone, Fel Armor and Dreadsteed as soon as I have rezed after death.
  6. Not wearing good gear for PvP I was just reading on Wowwiki that for PvP I should be looking for resliance first, followed by tons of stamina and lastly damage. My resiliance is only 45 (but I’m working on the better gear) and I dropped a lot of stamina in my haste to get spell damage for PvE in the late 60’s … there really is nothing like the joy of being able to take mobs down much faster with +spell damage gear on
  7. Attempting to be on defence with an Aff Lock Perhaps many people will disagree with this but I have found that attempting to be on defence with an Aff Lock just screams to any Rogue around “Please come and get me, I’m ready to die now” Even with the Felhunter out with paranoia, I never see them coming (what the heck am I doing wrong on that one? They stun me once, I burn my trinket but they have used their ability to affect my movement rate … I can’t get away, I attempt my instant HoT (start spamming wildly actually) and they use their trinket to resist or maybe it works for a minute … but I still can’t run away (slowed movement again), this is where I was reading the Void and it’s sacrifice ability could be useful, but apparantly not against rogue stuns anyway (not that I have actually tried this one) – then I try my Fear, sometimes this works but only for a moment and then … I die …. bleck .. I have managed to get the succubus charming thing to work once or twice on a rogue but not for long and it has diminishing returns anyway. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a mage’s Blink ability … has anyone had any luck against rogues – does it get better with better gear??? Sorry this turned into a how to fight rogues point but what I was meaning to say is that I find that often the horde doesn’t like to do defence a lot of the time, so I feel that by going on defence it kind of encourages people, and I’ve been pretty lucky and found that I’ve won in a lot of battlegrounds maybe by chance, but where oddly enough everyone was playing defensively (in AB) and supporting each other … When I go on offence, usually no-one defends (this is probably just luck of the draw but my superstitions too) and then we lose lose lose!
  8. Not sticking with the crowd (my own side) Often in my zeal to be hiding somewhere dotting people from afar where they can’t see me, and be away from the main rucus (this is mainly in Alterac Valley) I get separated from the crowd and can’t be saved, supported or healed. This is totally, totally my own fault. But without proper PvP gear I am no match for anyone, so I try to hide and DoT and hope to cause heaps of damage without being detected. Of course once I’m detected I try to run but it usually doesn’t take too long before being cut down because others have more resistance than myself.
  9. Not being aware enough of my surroundings Ironically enough I have this problem in real life too so it is hardly surprising it happens in a computer game situation. This is where I miss my track humans from my Hunter (level 35) alt! But often I will be pounding into the odd person I have found with less gear than me and not be noticing the rogue, warrior or mage sneaking around behind me to stun lock me into death. This I believe is a sin that many, many of us share at one time or another. I’ve seen it happen in BG’s to people on both sides, but still that is no excuse I need to be watching more.
  10. Not Moving Enough I guess those that are seasoned at PvP can spot the Noob’s a mile away – they are the one’s moving slowly, or not at all while attempting to dish out PvE tactics and then wondering why they die. This describes me a lot, this probably comes back to the me being too old and too slow to hack it in PvP … but that’s not going to stop me, well Yet anyway!

Anyway, I’m sure anyone who is looking for Warlock PvP tactics has already checked out WoWwiki but just incase here’s a link to what I’m supposed to be doing (but can’t seem to manage).

Okay, this is for anyone who was looking for a video when they came here (based on my last post). This is a video of Warlock PvP on the Isle of Quel’Danas. Interesting, he uses the life drain quite often and manages to create mass carnage and survive for five whole minutes (doesn’t sound like long but is actually quite long in game time) before the other side gun’s him down so to speak.

One more thing, while I was looking for images I have come across some interesting stuff about Warlocks and Arena team make-ups etc and Arena tactics which I am going to post in another post.


~ by silvergirl2010 on 3 June, 2008.

4 Responses to “I still suck at PvP”

  1. yes you do suck noob

  2. just keep practicing and you’ll get better

  3. I play “your way” at lvl 59 (good pvp lvl ^^) and die all the time. BUT Im almost always in top 5 honor kills and/or damage done.

    This is a scenario any day when I play pvp. I run (from the GY where else) and do my own buffs, armor, det inv, and even breath. Run into first mob fire my instant DoTs at random (tab selected) targets. Use my howl of terror – run to next mob and uses my HS while running. fire away my instant DoTs and finally (cause im always close to death now) fire my Death Coil. Gives me a few more sec to launch some DoTs.

    I belive this tactic helps my m8s a lot. I draw tons off attention and do some DoT wich helps my team to finish the mobs off.

    Cant complain over my stats at PvP at all.

    Helpful? Prob not but what I mean is that U COULD do It your way and get a lot of cred for it ….


  4. see here. the first thing u see is that the warlock joins his team to finish off another enemy. this way, the enemies are already targetting someone else and this is why he is not being damaged much. whenever he used drain life, it was at the end of the battle or a finishing move. his team is covering for him (plus the SL) and this is why he isnt dying.

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