Murlocs and WotLK

I’ve been accused, by Hunter Friend snake in the grass, of being a dirty, dirty Murloc lover! This is absolutely not true. We are discussing this, which was released on the official WoW site:

“players traveling in Northrend will find themselves embroiled in a violent, ongoing struggle between a group of wolverine-like creatures known as the wolvar and a faction of highly-evolved murlocs.”

Hunter Snake in the Grass asserts that anyone that joins the murloc faction will have to be ostracised from the group. Well this just makes me want to join the murlocs all the more, I’ve always hated following the crowd and this could be the perfect way to do it. Also, I figure knowing my luck the murloc crowd will probably have that awesome piece of gear that will allow me to create more death and destruction, so I might as well get used to them now! Besides possibly two legged murlocs with funky robes on or whatever, with the really long jowls (it did say highly evolved) well that sounds like something I saw in the Star Wars movies … maybe, just maybe there will be a quest to kill all murlocs that make the funky battlecry! Ha Ha.

Another idea, just maybe there will be bunches of these highly intelligent Murlocs patrolling the city and we can watch them pile on members of the other faction that try to infiltrate, nothing like seeing a pally or even (my most hated at the moment) Rogue, have to deal with a bunch of intelligent murlocs who maybe have their own distinct battlecy …. mmm

What if … and it’s a huge what if … that by joining the Murlocs it means you don’t have to fight Murlocs anymore? What an interesting concept – I’d be in it just for that!

I must admit that I was at first terrified by the highly intelligent murlocs but I think I might be coming around to actually liking the idea, what do you think?

I must also state that I am of the true murloc hating class. If it’s a murloc quest, I don’t take it plain and simple, even if there is good gear at the end – it’s just not worth it!


~ by silvergirl2010 on 27 May, 2008.

2 Responses to “Murlocs and WotLK”

  1. You left out hippy – can’t forget the hippy aspect of murloc loven. Loved the pic 🙂

  2. ssssssss

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